Medicine Wheel

The doctor gave me my ticket and I had my grandson drive me to the bus station didn't need a book to read just long hazy naps with the sun on my ... Read more

At the Pier

What hidden treasures have we yet to hunt down as we travel hand-in-hand through this lakeshore town Ice cream parlors from times long ago long ... Read more

Carousel Dreams

Walking on past the crisp winter beach Ahead loomed a building well within reach Old not deserted with hints of Huck Finn We wondered what ... Read more

Moonlight Encounters

We live in two worlds, Some would say, not far apart Each star shining brightly in the sky above As evening approaches with her cerulean hues Our ... Read more

Coming Home To Myself

What is this strange reunion, this homecoming to someone I did not know I had left? Bittersweet, it’s hard to separate the joy of returning to ... Read more

A Missing Child

Unique A creation Like no other Perfect made A snowflake Fresh fallen Gently held Still in her palm Disappeared Melted to a single ... Read more

An Angel’s Heart

Have you seen the Angel, with pure white softened wings? Watched her dance among the clouds or heard the song she sings? Her words will sing of ... Read more

An Evening of Childhood

An apricot pudding hissed through a steaming cloth while my brothers and I played planets with the contents of the fruit bowl on the kitchen ... Read more