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lettersOne of the first things you discover when you put an inspirational website online, is that a lot of people will write to you. Many of the letters I receive are complimentary, praising the website and its content. Some are more specific, mentioning a section of the site or a poem the writer especially likes. Still others are intensely raw and personal from people who feel comfortable enough to confide and share their private thoughts and feelings. Mail is always welcome. I feel fortunate that there are so many interesting individuals who not only visit Inspiration for the Spirit, but also take the time to write.

Please stop to say “Hello” and share your thoughts.

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  1. Beautiful poems and inspirational words. Thank you for this .

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Look at this…two old friends finding each other years later on the internet. Good to see you again.

    Dick Truax

  3. It’s been along time. Glad to see you are doing well.
    All the Best,
    Doug Potter

  4. Carla - Republic, Washington/USA

    This is a fabulous inspirational place to be !!!!

    • Carla, Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be adding more poems and essays as soon as I can, so be sure to visit again. Peace to you and yours, Patricia

  5. Walter Crawford - Magherafelt/UK

    Thank you for a most inspiring website. I accidentally came across it tonight whilst browsing the web. It is a virtual treasure trove of delight – some of the prose made me sad and some made me think more deeply about life and love. You obviously are a very gifted person, and I shall be back on this site more often. Kind regards, Walter Crawford

    • Walter, Thanks for your kind words. I’m pleased you found the site and hope you will visit often. Peace and blessings, Patricia

  6. Jill Watkins - Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania/USA

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful site with all of us!

  7. Love your web site. You’re very talented!

  8. Hello Patricia, Your site is so calm and soothing. I especially enjoyed the Still Waters page in your Inspiration section. I am but a shell unless I can be near the lake. It lifts my spirits and gives me energy. Blessings.

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