A Woman Who Can Tell

A woman who can tell her true age can do anything. But there is more: to find home in the silent house, to not fear the mirror, to make love in ... Read more

Cloud Nine

I am alone and complete and completely alone here in my room I burn candles and incense and memories with soft music playing or silence I dance ... Read more

Taffeta Torn Through

We look for strong arms to carry us. None forthcoming. Or they come and go and leave us more depleted in the going. We look to find ourselves in ... Read more

Who I Am

I am not an airbrushed cover girl posed and poised tousled just right lipstick smudged and spritzed with water to go for the glow on skin ... Read more


Feeling pretty has never been a priority in my life. Feeling smart, talented, adventurous, capable, interesting, witty, etc., have all taken ... Read more