Carousel Dreams

Walking on past the crisp winter beach Ahead loomed a building well within reach Old not deserted with hints of Huck Finn We wondered what ... Read more

At First and 1st

"How can a street intersect itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe!" —Kramer, NBC sitcom Seinfeld Here you cross on red with ... Read more

Nebraska (Acrostic)

Nearer wish my Eyes could be to Beauty's rare Reality Across the wide and open Sea resides a Kindred friend Adored by me Copyright © ... Read more


If you want to hear the mountains, do exactly as I say. There are rules to things like this. And I tell you that many have come this way more ... Read more


Palaces of pleasure stand like Timeless birthday cakes parading, Harlequins and histories, In February masquerading, Gargoyles decorating ... Read more

An Awakening

Sometimes you have to go far away from home before you can understand why what you have may be too much. Several years ago, I went to Mexico ... Read more