Carousel Dreams

carouselWalking on past the crisp winter beach
Ahead loomed a building well within reach

Old not deserted with hints of Huck Finn
We wondered what treasures lied there within

Post office? Museum? Let’s not be misled
Let’s see for ourselves we decided instead

Inside musty smells and floors of dark wood
A gift shop to the right where the ticket booth stood

The ceilings stretched high above walls painted white
And just past the entrance a magnificent sight

Filling the room as if caught in a spell
A feast for our eyes—a huge carousel

Carved horses and elephants and ostrich in lace
In carnival colors all circling its base

With childlike wonder we had wandered inside
Without hesitation we decided to ride

We boarded our steeds with more caution than grace
And smiled at each other awaiting the race

Around went the room as we rode hand-in-hand
Her eyes were sparkling as we circled the stand

Gaining speed round we went til the dizzying whirl
Took us back to the time we were still boy and girl

Remembering youth fond memories a haze
Of childhood parks in calliope days

The joy in her laughter my own did meet
Our hearts warm within made the day feel complete

Copyright © 2003 Tom Schmidt • All rights reserved.