True Wealth

I guess it's all over. Our marriage has failed. I'm sorry I'm not what you thought you had nailed. No need to get dirty in times of divorce, You ... Read more

The Couple

Uncoupled. He moving on without her through the glass clockworks to a place where no looking back can see anything. She living in the same ... Read more

No Options

Shattered to bits like a broken mirror scattered shards too small to fit lying in pieces like missing parts to a puzzle never found two hearts ... Read more

Udine Beach

In need of solitude I had found a revealing silence waiting at the dividing line between sand and sea. Blinded by an illusion and summoned to ... Read more

What Do You Say to a Naked Man?

Today I received a letter from my ex-husband. It came as quite a surprise. It’s been over five years since I last heard from him, and he was the last ... Read more