Mountain Friends

"Mountain Beauty" by Jim Warren, original oil on canvas

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There was a picture
upon the gallery wall
that critics met with silent tongue.
Children paused in comfort,
while people gazed
where love had long taken refuge.

There she was.
Her wind-whipped face
shone with envied colour,
her eyes forever grateful.
Hands that had caressed
the miracle of a child
and warmed life into
a lamb still-born.

The sun had woken early,
not to be shadowed
by her radiance,
capturing each drop of dew,
reflecting rejoice;
offering the day
as a glittering prize
for she alone to behold.

Trees rustled their applause
in witness, as her song
tenderly filled the air
with melodic mantras’ score.
For these were the days
where once she had walked
in the company of mountains;
the mountains at her side.

Copyright © 2002 Terry Stephen Driscoll • All rights reserved.
Painting: “Mountain Beauty” by Jim Warren, original oil on canvas.