Out of Sight

"Reflecting" by Tom Sierak, giclée on paper

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Out of sight, out of mind.” —John Heywood, 1562

While I was gone
lilacs bloomed in another place
a joke was told and someone laughed.

Now the laugh echoes
round my old haunts for while away
a storm passed through this town of mine.

Day turned into night and the stars born died
as wildflowers that set the woods on fire
were put out in March while I was gone.

I suppose, yes, I am sad
more was lost
than could have been gained.

For in that fleeting month
when I thought all was right in my world
I was somewhere else.

Copyright © 2002 Patricia Petro • All rights reserved.
Painting: “Reflecting” by Tom Sierak, giclée on paper.