Miracle Man

forestHe stands tall
beneath an emerald canopy of aged pine
strong in body mind and spirit
he is at one with nature

dark eyes miss nothing
in the wooded glen he pauses
lips parted in boyish wonder
struck by its tranquility

as beams of sunlight kiss the trees
the summer colors about to give way to fall
he calls this place heaven
or as near to it as we could hope to be

the cadence of his voice calm and soothing
flows gently through my veins like water rippling
it drowns out the world and floods my soul
with affection so real

more than magic
this miracle man who shares my life
intangible like love itself
there are no words to explain his goodness

content he smiles
and stoops to gently touch the earth
to feel its softness and caress a fallen leaf
he would never pluck from its tree

a gift for me
he finds it beautiful
to recall this day and fill our pages of memory
with happiness and new beginnings

I close the only thing standing between us
the air we breathe to take his hand
to say I have been blessed
is simply not enough.

Copyright © 2003 Patricia Petro • All rights reserved.