Goodnight Kiss

"Psyche's Dream" by Josephine Wall, original artwork

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Here is a good night kiss
for you, my love, my heart.
Only a blue ribbon of moonlight divides us
but you seem so far away.

Your lips that part to whisper,
the breath I yearn to feel it
joins with my own breath in this
little space still stretching miles between us.

My pillow—does this tender shadow
still show the gentle kiss of your head?
Is it there imprinted upon the cotton,
dark and hollow from your absence?

A good night kiss and then
you’re gone as if it had been a dream
But mysterious night is a promise
of many joys unknown.

Copyright © 2002 Carrie Ryman • All rights reserved.
Painting: “Psyche’s Dream” by Josephine Wall, original artwork.