A Familiar Taste

Your body warm, pressed against mine, a sweetness oozes into me. Its intensity is almost painful. It swells within me. I want to drown in ... Read more

Baseball Love

The muscles in my legs work hard to carry me to the end where the field meets the trees. I hear dried leaves crunch beneath my weight before I ... Read more

Goodnight Kiss

Here is a good night kiss for you, my love, my heart. Only a blue ribbon of moonlight divides us but you seem so far away. Your lips that part ... Read more

Home Still Exists

Such a comfort there is in knowing that home still exists. Where the attic is filled with my toys and the aspen trees are inscribed with the ... Read more

Horrible Beauty

Your warm, winged body moves slightly as I cradle you in my hands. Hope springs eternal despite the ugliness that has happened. Have I saved ... Read more

Poetry in Motion

I love the speed of poetry. The swift nature of it, read aloud, racing with the blood. Then it surprises with soft fluidity, pausing around the ... Read more

Table Inhabitants

A green, metallic ashtray, its belly scattered with old cigarette butts and torn packages of Sugar Twin. A crumpled napkin, two quarters, two ... Read more

Twilight of Summer

When the night sky gazes more brightly than the trees, peeping out from behind in a vivid blue harmony against the dark cover, I know . . . it is ... Read more