A Missing Child

Unique A creation Like no other Perfect made A snowflake Fresh fallen Gently held Still in her palm Disappeared Melted to a single ... Read more

An Angel’s Heart

Have you seen the Angel, with pure white softened wings? Watched her dance among the clouds or heard the song she sings? Her words will sing of ... Read more

An Evening of Childhood

An apricot pudding hissed through a steaming cloth while my brothers and I played planets with the contents of the fruit bowl on the kitchen ... Read more

Asi se Baila (That’s Dancing)

A night that brings, Flamenco strings, Of rhythmic home-bred Gypsy kings, About the scent' of lemon groves, Paellas steam on village ... Read more

Bad Timing

You'll find no shelter in this heart A house untidy kept Where blood flows free like hapless tears That once rebuffed old lovers wept. My soul ... Read more

Black Man Jack

Upon a hill Upon a time A man of rhythm Lost his rhyme Demon people Draped in white Set a crucifix Alight Tortured screams His desperate ... Read more

Fingers of Gold

Golden fingers dance your dance; on maple and rosewood. A dance of war? A dance of love? Conquer barren ears of sterile souls. Each string ... Read more

Mountain Friends

There was a picture upon the gallery wall that critics met with silent tongue. Children paused in comfort, while people gazed where love had long ... Read more