A Birthday Gift

She wanted to turn around and walk back to the time she first said yes instead of no, smiled crooked smiles and spoke in opposites so that true ... Read more


She sat sewing on the verandah not alone; in those days a chaperone was present at all stages of courtship, from the early mating display to ... Read more

An Early Winter

You've survived the dying of a womb and the severance of four cords, cool summers and pale autumns, and now, as I wipe the ravages of ... Read more

Another Year

I have smiled at all the right times, a broad smile, not clipped, and my jaws ache; but my heart aches more. This is another year of loving ... Read more

Beautiful Soul

I watched her stand with hands on hips, her grey eyes wide and nostrils flaring, indignant look on her pretty face, pouting lips mouthing words ... Read more

Blue Rain

The night is old and a yawning moon waits patiently for clandestine lovers to return to beds of stone. They sleepwalk over ... Read more


I'd often thought of him, no one forgets their first kiss; it leaves a permanent stain on the lips. So when he rang it took only a moment to ... Read more


He calls himself selfish when he steals air from my lungs breathing my strength in and out for his survival and I try to make him believe that ... Read more