By Firelight

firelightWe sit our backs to the fire
on chenille cushions in golden warmth
legs outstretched and intertwined
like our souls from the day we met

forgetting past imperfection
and false words spoken in the dark
by fleeting ships who drifted away
their interest spent

they went and we found each other
alone and lost cast ashore
we bore the scars of fickle hearts
a common thread to unite us from the first

the worst was over as gentle rains
washed away the fear to trust again
and friendship flowered blossoming
it ignited into heated rush

and the hush of hot summer nights
blessed with laughter soft til morning mist
and passion so rich we fell easily
like autumn leaves falling to earth

in blissful peace we’ve no need for words
two now one our shadows dance
silently in the flickering firelight
on the wall and ceiling above

we speak instead with eyes lips touch
and the smile we feel
in our hearts
called love

Copyright © 2003 Patricia Petro • All rights reserved.