Singing in the Rain

rainy dayIt’s raining . . . a cold, steady rain that wouldn’t be half-bad if the wind wasn’t gusting too.

I’m choosing to stay positive.

Once indoors and no longer fighting an umbrella that threatens to turn itself inside out or take me up up and away like Mary Poppins, I like the rain. It’s nourishing. It’ll grow the grass green and put leaves on the trees. Flowers will bloom and perfume the air with their welcome scent. Rain is a sign of spring . . . a new beginning . . . renewal.

Still, people are complaining. These are the same people who complained about the snow, the cold, winter in general, and spread doom-and-gloom forecasts of storms that never materialized. They also complained about summer and its unbearable heat and the bleakness of autumn when winter was fast-approaching. All through winter they couldn’t wait for it to be over and for spring to come. Well, here it is.

With spring, comes rain. End of story.