Udine Beach

man on beach at sunsetIn need of solitude
I had found a revealing silence
waiting at the dividing line
between sand and sea.

Blinded by an illusion
and summoned to court
there to answer the charges
placed upon me by sight.
I awoke from the dream
spilling my cup of sleep in my lap.

Was I still dreaming?
Was this my only life
staring back at me in the bathroom mirror?

I remembered that she was fragmented
yet lovely at the hour of six past.
The rest could not be recalled;
it was a mystery that lay like a carpet of dust
over my drowsy eyes.

I dusted the secrets
from the untended shelves of books I had never read
hoping to find a lost key.
It brought tears to my eyes
there was such insistent dust there now.

My arms went through the motions
and breakfast took care of itself.
The window was wide open
and the walk was neat and tidy.
The door politely closed behind me,
it still answers to a knock.

It was the antics of the stones I kicked
that lead me to this place.
Udine Beach
I have found a moment
between 9 and 10 o’clock.

No longer do I await the arrival of the angels
to greet me hand and foot.
Only the sun on my cheek and
Udine Beach between 9 and 10 o’clock.

Copyright © 2002 Dennis Janke • All rights reserved.