This Gathering of Poets

garden pathIn these our perfect gardens kept,
With verdant minds compose,
Our poetry to scrutiny,
We graciously expose.

Where we ‘the poets’ gather strong,
In rhythmic prose submerse.
With moist and thirsty quills subscribe,
To share eclectic verse.

Where warm hearts thankful celebrate,
Depressions face redress,
Where spurned and vengeful lovers gripe,
Where children are caressed.

Plights are met with sympathy,
Traumas well advised,
Sincerity unquestioned,
Friendships realized.

When whale songs from echoes rest,
As wings of doves fall tired
This gathering of poets will
Continue to inspire.

Copyright © 2002 Terry Stephen Driscoll • All rights reserved.
Photo: “Garden Path” by Patricia Petro, 2009.