Slow Down the Years

girl flying through the airI barely have time to catch my breath
For the years pass by so quickly now.
I hardly see changes in seasons
As I used to, somehow.
Spring takes long leaps into summer
And memories of lazy days in the sun
Now fade and fall with autumn leaves;
Has the winter of my life begun?

Perhaps I should still search for rainbows,
Not close the door on my younger days;
For you see, I yearn to do so much.
If only there were other ways
To ease this longing in my heart
But my wings were broken long ago.
I’ve given up hope of flying high
To places beyond my cage and so

I no longer dream of mended wings,
Singing my songs and reaching the skies
For that is the world of my children;
I’m content to watch through their eyes.
But in the silence of my nights
I still dream of sitting on moonbeams;
How I wish I could slow down the years
And live just a few of my dreams

Copyright © Christine Magee • All rights reserved.
Selection from BEFORE THE RAINS COME—Inside Out.