Moonlight Encounters

starry moonlight night skyWe live in two worlds,
Some would say, not far apart
Each star shining brightly in the sky above
As evening approaches with her cerulean hues
Our worlds pass close by
And we share the same light
For but a moment, a minute, an hour
And I am struck with wonder
The light within so filled with joy
I am overcome with peace and a warmth
I’ve never known before.

But then . . .

the indigo night begins to fade
far too soon.

The heavens lighten and reality interrupts;
That other world beckons
A world of daily tasks and simple duties
That cannot be ignored
And so we part
Promising to meet again
And while we wait we find the time
To wonder about each other
And long for the light we’ve shared
Until the next time evening approaches
And our worlds pass close by.

Copyright © 2003 Tom Schmidt • All rights reserved.