His Grief

black tree against an indigo skyWhen I was told she was gone
I was stunned into silence,
but it was only a moment
before I let it escape;
the weeping and wailing
that was dammed in my throat.

There wasn’t much time
to be the child, I had to go to him,
and rebuking my emotions
that had all run amok,
I packed a suitcase
with comfort and condolences
and began my journey.
I reserved a seat
on a mourning train
for a later date.

I didn’t know what he needed now
for he was always a private man
and bore pain well.

But the moment he saw me
and I reached out my arms to him,
the colour drained from his eyes,
spilling over onto his cheeks.

And when I kissed him,
my lips were stained
a deep shade of blue.

Copyright © 2011 Christine Magee • All rights reserved.