How to Make a Woman Fall in Love

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A man will win and keep the heart of a woman if he follows one simple set of principles. It is called the PEACH method of dating and the results will be as sweet as the fruit it is named after. Keep in mind that this will not help a man find a woman or even the right one for him. It will, however, give him the tools he needs to gain a woman’s interest and keep it. Once a man has met his lady and been on at least one date with her, he should follow these steps to incite the flames of love in her heart.

P is for Parents, Playful and Poetry

  • Parents: Women cannot resist a man who is visibly kind to his and her parents. He should show interest in their needs and seek time with them, especially outings that include himself and his lady friend as a couple. He should introduce his lady friend to his parents and ask to meet hers if he wants to woo her over completely. When he does, he should shake hands or better yet—give them a hug. Remember: Hugs for parents = Hugs and Kisses from girlfriends.
  • Playful: Men have a natural talent for humor, and it is a great attraction for women. Make her laugh, and she will fall head over heels very quickly. Be careful not to make it humor at someone’s expense (especially hers or someone she cares about) or this can backfire completely. A man’s goal should be to see her laugh and make her happy. Another thing to remember with this one is less is more. Whether a man uses understated humor, witty, sarcastic, slapstick or traditional jokes, it’s important not to overdue it or it will appear that he is immature, an attention-seeker and/or create an imbalance in their time together. Play is fun, but there should be time for quiet and serious, too.
  • Poetry: A man who writes poetry will woo any woman within reading distance. Write a poem just for her and she’s yours forever. It doesn’t have to be long or even good poetry. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s the literary attempt that will win her over completely. Bad poetry sometimes wins more marks as it will incite her to sympathy and admiration for the effort. Poetry is simply romantic, and whether good or bad, women love it.

E is for Elderly, Etiquette and Education

  • Elderly: Be kind to the elderly. Every woman is looking for a man who is kind, gentle and respectful. Showing kindness to the elderly, whether it’s shoveling the driveway for the old man or woman who lives next door or giving a few bucks to the homeless man or woman that you pass on your way to the restaurant. If your lady friend sees these acts of kindness, she will remember it and probably tell her girlfriends about it the next day, and that will create a ripple effect of goodness. Her girlfriends will be impressed and certainly tell your lady that you are a “keeper.”
  • Etiquette: Having manners and being polite is important to most women. Despite rumors that women don’t want this, it’s a minority who do not want a man to treat them like a lady. The majority of women still want a man who opens the door for them. They want to know that chivalry is not dead but alive and thriving in the man they are dating. A list of no-no’s (real turn offs to women) are: getting drunk or high, passing gas (from any orifice), poor table manners, rude gesticulations (yes, even when driving in congested traffic), gutter talk and racial comments. If a man has any of these nasty habits, he should refrain from them or at least curb them until the wooing period is over. Many a woman has been lost from poor etiquette. A man can still be “manly” and show good manners simultaneously.
  • Education: A man who is educated or is seeking to be educated is very attractive to a woman. He doesn’t have to be a genius. But if he places importance upon learning, he will be one step closer to earning her love. Read a book together, taking turns to read aloud. Note that this category isn’t limited to traditional education, i.e. books and college. Life learning is equally important. A man should be open to having new experiences. And learning together can be a great way to build a deeper bond. Take a cooking or dance or pottery or language class with her. Practicing what you’ve learned together will continue to be fun and create lasting memories.

A is for Animals, Attention and Ambition

  • Animals: The scene in the movie is there because it’s true. A man walking his dog on the beach is every woman’s ideal man. Men without pets of their own have plenty of opportunities to display their affection and respect for animals. Go on a date to the park, and when that stray Frisbee flies your way, a loving scratch to the pup’s ears before flinging it back toward the owner will go a long way (further than the Frisbee). If she has a pet, this is the perfect opportunity. Win her pet’s affections and hers will soon follow. Bring her pet a treat on your next date or send her cat or dog a greeting card on its birthday. Suggest an outing to the animal shelter for volunteer work. That’s another great way to form a bond and simultaneously show depth of character.
  • Attention: Give her attention. And lots of it. This may seem to be a no-brainer. Easy, right? But it goes beyond gifts and words. It means really listening when she talks, asking pertinent questions about the topic and showing interest in who she is, what she thinks and feels. Eye contact, hand-holding and posture that is upright, forward and alert are all part of paying attention with keen interest. Then remembering what she said later, by asking more about it, will also show that you were listening with interest.
  • Ambition: Aspiring to be President of the United States or even CEO of Intel isn’t necessary. Aspiring to be the best in one’s career is. A man who has direction or purpose is important to a woman, no matter what his job is. It signifies to her that he is planning for his future, the future that she may or may not be in. It also indicates that he has integrity and doing a good job is important to him.

C is for Children, Confidence and Career

  • Children: Loving children is simply written into a woman’s DNA. Whether she wants to have children herself or not doesn’t matter. Women are nurturers and caregivers by instinct, and they seek men who are gentle and kind in the same way. If she has nieces or nephews, offer to take them to the zoo together. Attend a baseball game with friends and their children. Offer to mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Don’t be afraid to talk about children as it’s an important factor in determining the longevity of a relationship. A man who wants to have children someday should be open about that aspiration. If she feels the same way, children can be a shared interest right from the start.
  • Confidence: This means quiet confidence. It does not mean tooting your own horn. That is a huge turnoff for women. Being confident means never touting your skills to anyone. It is about showing rather than telling. A confident man loves himself and trusts he is worthy of love in return. There is no wishy-washy, distrustful and repetitive questions about where she was. An overly possessive man says low self-esteem to a woman. A confident, trusting man shows he is a keeper.
  • Career: Whatever job a man does can be a career. A truck driver or factory worker can be a career just as much as an attorney or sales manager. The difference between a job and a career is only commitment and enjoyment. A person who commits to his profession and continually learns how to be better at it, and loves it, has a career. That is highly attractive to a woman. She sees he is not a quitter and is willing to invest time and energy into what he loves to do. This means he will commit to her as well. Just be careful not to overdue this aspect. No woman wants an over-ambitious career man who is married so fully to his job that he overlooks everyone around him, especially his wife and children. Again, the recipe for this is moderation and balance.

H is for Hygiene, Humble, and Honesty

  • Hygiene: Dirty nails, greasy hair, dandruff on the shoulders, body odor or any article of clothing that reeks are all extremely off-putting to a woman. A man who bathes, brushes/flosses his teeth and changes his clothing daily and combs his hair will be closer to hitting a home run with the woman of his choice. A man who doesn’t wear filthy clothing or shoes with gaping holes (save for the sexy, but clean blue jeans with ripped out knees that many women simply adore) is also ahead in the game of love. If a man reeks, there is zero likelihood that any woman will want to get close, let alone fall in love with him.
  • Humble: Many a woman has fallen head over heels for a humble man. He is legions above all others in terms of integrity. He earns her respect because he doesn’t need to flout his abilities and accomplishments. And remember, a woman will see right through a transparent attempt for attention. Being truly humble means not wanting and especially not seeking admiration for ones deeds.
  • Honesty: The king of all PEACH steps, honesty is a vital part of an outstanding relationship. If a woman can trust that her man is honest, open, upfront and straight with her at all times, she can overlook many other faults and failings. Lying, cheating, deception and even avoidance of truth are all maladies that will turn a woman’s heart stone cold. Once caught lying, a man will be treated with suspicion at the very least, but most likely cast aside forever. Earning a woman’s love can only occur with absolute honesty.

If a man follows every step of the PEACH method, his lady friend’s heart will burn with an everlasting flame. She will soon be starving for his affection and do anything it takes to keep him.

Carrie Ryman

Carrie Ryman is a writer and poet. She has written reviews for the online literary magazine, Sotto Voce and has submitted fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to various other publications, including the Helium Network. She enjoys all forms of writing and is currently at work on her first novel. She is married and lives in Wisconsin. Carrie is a featured poet at Inspiration for the Spirit—her poems appear here.


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