Susan Dane

Susan DaneSusan Dane is a film producer, screenwriter, published author, spiritual counselor, and poet. She is the founder of Crazy Quilt Entertainment and recently opened S.M.A.R.T. Women International to help change the global marketplace by bringing transformational and entrepreneurial training to women (and men) worldwide.

“My original plan was to get married, live in the suburbs, have three kids, a great husband, and a big dog. And maybe give some after-school piano lessons. But things rarely turn out the way we plan.” —Susan Dane

22 poems

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Books by Susan Dane

bookSusan Dane’s first volume of poetry, Good-bye to White Knights and other moving vehicles, includes 50 poems that trace her personal journey from disillusionment and despair as a young woman to a world where Spirit is Art and life the journey of the artist. The poems she writes are insightful and deeply human, full of universal truths that resonate within and build a bridge between the sensual and spiritual. Currently Out of Print