A Woman Who Can Tell

A woman who can tell her true age can do anything. But there is more: to find home in the silent house, to not fear the mirror, to make love in ... Read more


The one she holds tonight is not the right one. She does not give herself to him even as he presses into her hesitation. This is a silent ... Read more

Day And Night

At night it seems some holy thing. Large, monolithic, as mysterious and knowing as some ancient mythology. It will plunge you into your ... Read more


You needn't stay my darling. Love, like trees, marks time in rings. A petal falls in a silent dusk. Nostalgia wells for the gone by. Even as we ... Read more

Labor Night

Her world is upside down, waiting for the baby. She paces in the night and sleeps the day. She has cleaned every corner of the house, rearranged ... Read more

La Haine

It starts as a small little thing, indignation at a trespass, anger, having been wronged. It grows into a flag, parading first down small ... Read more

Native Ground

It is embarrassing for a girl from Connecticut, raised properly in a proper Christian home, with a good suburban education, to find sex and ... Read more

New Sea

She has watched herself move beyond sad into the realm of desperation, where her need snarls against his. She has moved beyond remembering her ... Read more