A Handful of Coins

When silken shadows of night misplace The pastel mists of morning's grace And birdsong sweet unto the ear Turns melodious to fear When the ... Read more

Brighter Land

Speak softly with tones of calm Let them know you care Allow them first to realize The reason that you're there It's not for you to give ... Read more


Love, it's such a funny word It means so many things Confusing in its simple way The thought of hope it brings It cradles you in gentle ... Read more

Drowned in a Raindrop

Like a raindrop you entered my life Liquid, alive and agleam You gently soaked through my skin And the raindrop turned to stream Sometimes your ... Read more


Framed in every window Dissimilar shades of shape Stretching and cavorting Clawing at the drape Mummy's little fissiped Daddy's little foe Trust ... Read more

Grace Lost

Gracie’s found another I think I’ve lost my Grace Her eyes have gone all sparkly With that smug look on her face I can’t believe she’d do ... Read more

Morning Sleep

The morning petals open As it settles into place And I look down beside me To drink your morning grace The petals treat you kindly As they ... Read more

Sunnier Day

Silently sullenly longingly sigh Helplessly tremblingly quietly cry Selflessly gently saying goodbye Falsely but bravely winking your eye Loved ... Read more