Flowers Talk

flower fieldI saw a country garden stretching
as far as the eye could see;
Woven in the landscape,
coloured jewels grew naturally.

Angels had kissed each blossom,
nourishing with morning dew;
Beauteous blooms, adorned with blush,
beckoned me and you.

Nature had nudged each little seed
to scatter where they may;
An enchanting non-symmetrical garden
took my breath away.

When I awoke were memories
of lavender and lace,
Of lilies, daisies, honeysuckle,
wild roses tinged with grace.

The violets and lilac were of
different size, as seen,
But both had added splendour to my
country-garden dream.

It must have been in heaven
for no weed had any powers
And a secret lesson whispered
was the language of the flowers.

Copyright © 1997 Joan Adams Burchell, Along Poetry Road.