A Birthday Gift

She wanted to turn around and walk back to the time she first said yes instead of no, smiled crooked smiles and spoke in opposites so that true ... Read more

New Sea

She has watched herself move beyond sad into the realm of desperation, where her need snarls against his. She has moved beyond remembering her ... Read more

Shadow Over the Shanty

Tell us a tale oh swan of the sea, With your wind sweeping feathered white hair, A beard that has harboured the salts of the earth, And hands, by ... Read more

One Hand

The sound of one hand clapping is not silence. It is tears. Love wishing itself against the closed fist. Grace reigning a world against its ... Read more


She sat sewing on the verandah not alone; in those days a chaperone was present at all stages of courtship, from the early mating display to ... Read more

A Handful of Coins

When silken shadows of night misplace The pastel mists of morning's grace And birdsong sweet unto the ear Turns melodious to fear When the ... Read more

The Arches of Waterloo

It's London and it's 3am, I've stopped to spare a thought for them, Some once husbands, Some once wives, All once captains of their ... Read more

Brighter Land

Speak softly with tones of calm Let them know you care Allow them first to realize The reason that you're there It's not for you to give ... Read more