The First Anniversary

He was very late home that evening but the food would come to no harm, it was just a salad, two steaks to grill. Annoyance crept into her ... Read more

Udine Beach

In need of solitude I had found a revealing silence waiting at the dividing line between sand and sea. Blinded by an illusion and summoned to ... Read more

The Vision

Art comes first as gift, wild, free and liberating. You think you're going to soar and soar you do. But angels have been known to rip apart a ... Read more

The Snowball

For a long time he had opened his shirt and shown his scar, but they'd walked through it. He could taste their pity, acrid on his tongue and ... Read more

How to Make a Woman Fall in Love

A man will win and keep the heart of a woman if he follows one simple set of principles. It is called the PEACH method of dating and the results will ... Read more