We came together fingers laced like parts of a puzzle on me like paint on the wall shadows played my heart clung to his words dripping with ... Read more

One Last Night

“Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.” —Sylvia Robinson Be still take care my bleeding heart the ... Read more

Out of Sight

"Out of sight, out of mind." —John Heywood, 1562 While I was gone lilacs bloomed in another place a joke was told and someone laughed. Now the ... Read more

River Song

I hold a piece of calm here by the shore to skim along his prose like smooth stone. . . . He says he waits for me in his world . . . He tugs and ... Read more

Senses Affected

Disappointment is a man you wanted to love who did not feel the same. Smells like sour milk or funeral flowers. Sounds like a plead quiet and ... Read more


Anticipation laced with expectations and a wary heart blinded breathless in the sunlight and melted into calm ease when I saw ... Read more

Sonrisas in June

I have no clothes. Nothing fits. I’ve lost a little weight. OK . . . not some . . . quite a bit. They say I’m looking great. They ask me what my ... Read more

The Child Within

The child within sips chamomile on rowboats at tea time in petticoats pulled up to her knees while plucking petals in virgin bliss cheeks kissed ... Read more