She sat sewing on the verandah not alone; in those days a chaperone was present at all stages of courtship, from the early mating display to ... Read more

An Early Winter

You've survived the dying of a womb and the severance of four cords, cool summers and pale autumns, and now, as I wipe the ravages of ... Read more

Song Unsung

My mother traveled long to mother me: through her small life with no doll or braids, She'd hang her sock on Christmas eve, but wake to motherless ... Read more

His Grief

When I was told she was gone I was stunned into silence, but it was only a moment before I let it escape; the weeping and wailing that was dammed ... Read more


I moved with her in her shadow, always running behind, keeping in perfect step with her mood, trying to usher her out into daylight so that I ... Read more