The Seed

There is a tree in a garden I am sworn to protect. Once as you walked by you dropped a seed and I saw where it fell and I broke ground around ... Read more


We came together fingers laced like parts of a puzzle on me like paint on the wall shadows played my heart clung to his words dripping with ... Read more

The First Anniversary

He was very late home that evening but the food would come to no harm, it was just a salad, two steaks to grill. Annoyance crept into her ... Read more


Anticipation laced with expectations and a wary heart blinded breathless in the sunlight and melted into calm ease when I saw ... Read more

Winter Whispers

On westerly breeze come words from afar meant to soften the heart honest and true? only time will tell as yet we are still apart like earth ... Read more

The Year in Art – 2012

"The snow had begun in the gloaming, and busily all the night had been heaping field and highway with a silence deep and white.

" —James ... Read more

How to Make a Woman Fall in Love

A man will win and keep the heart of a woman if he follows one simple set of principles. It is called the PEACH method of dating and the results will ... Read more

What to Do When Your Relationship is Not Working Out

“Relationship” is defined as ‘the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.’ It could be a work-related ... Read more