Oh, because you never tried To bow my will or break my pride, And nothing of the cave-man made You want to keep me half afraid, Nor ever with a ... Read more

Grandfather’s Love

They said he sent his love to me, They wouldn't put it in my hand, And when I asked them where it was They said I couldn't understand. I thought ... Read more

Open Mind, Open Heart

If you want to live the peaceful life you imagine, you must start now. “Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows ... Read more

Spring Rain

I thought I had forgotten, But it all came back again To-night with the first spring thunder In a rush of rain. I remembered a darkened ... Read more

Those Who Love

Those who love the most Do not talk of their love; Francesca, Guenevere, Dierdre, Iseult, Heloise In the fragrant gardens of heaven Are silent, ... Read more

To E

I have remembered beauty in the night, Against black silences I waked to see A shower of sunlight over Italy And green Ravello dreaming on her ... Read more

Union Square

With the man I love who loves me not, I walked in the street-lamps' flare; We watched the world go home that night In a flood through Union ... Read more

Young Love

I I cannot heed the words they say, The lights grow far away and dim, Amid the laughing men and maids My eyes unbidden seek for him. I ... Read more