One Hand

The sound of one hand clapping is not silence. It is tears. Love wishing itself against the closed fist. Grace reigning a world against its ... Read more

Another Year

I have smiled at all the right times, a broad smile, not clipped, and my jaws ache; but my heart aches more. This is another year of loving ... Read more

His Choice

When I was good in bed by nine I wore my mother’s choice spoke my teacher’s words raised my hand and waited to fall in love like waiting to get ... Read more


I'd often thought of him, no one forgets their first kiss; it leaves a permanent stain on the lips. So when he rang it took only a moment to ... Read more

Sunnier Day

Silently sullenly longingly sigh Helplessly tremblingly quietly cry Selflessly gently saying goodbye Falsely but bravely winking your eye Loved ... Read more

The Darkening

There the wild man of the darkening cried treading softly with startling care in this waning night a beast so rare retreating from the coming ... Read more

The Seed

There is a tree in a garden I am sworn to protect. Once as you walked by you dropped a seed and I saw where it fell and I broke ground around ... Read more

The Tea Party

When the conversations were over, when it no longer served you to pay attention as if I mattered —for I had once so mattered— we put ... Read more