How We Didn’t Tell Her

that the housekeeper said that the gardener said that someone named Jean or Jeannie or Jenny who was his friend or maybe his boss had said ... Read more


I lift my heart as spring lifts up A yellow daisy to the rain; My heart will be a lovely cup Altho' it holds but pain. For I shall learn from ... Read more


"She can't be unhappy," you said, "The smiles are like stars in her eyes, And her laugh is thistledown Around her low replies." "Is she unhappy?" ... Read more

Winter Stars

I went out at night alone; The young blood flowing beyond the sea Seemed to have drenched my spirit's wings— I bore my sorrow heavily. But when ... Read more

Grief and Pain

It is dangerous to abandon one's self to the luxury of grief. It deprives one of courage, and even of the wish for recovery. —Henri-Frederic ... Read more

A Missing Child

Unique A creation Like no other Perfect made A snowflake Fresh fallen Gently held Still in her palm Disappeared Melted to a single ... Read more

Another Year

I have smiled at all the right times, a broad smile, not clipped, and my jaws ache; but my heart aches more. This is another year of loving ... Read more

Night Tears

There is a crying that happens at night that does not come while the light is with us. There are things that cannot be evaded once the sun goes ... Read more