Walking down time came the incomplete man. Remembered by his ancestors, though he knows them not. Ax in hand he surveys the ground. A million ... Read more


Cat's eyes looking out at the world ready to pounce galvanized into action by a single motion until they balance thought into perfect ... Read more


The smell of victory reeked in the delivery room. The crackpot, Rachet Man, followed his dream at the Institute of Grace while waiting to be ... Read more

Love Is

Love is a rose          and it rose and rose . . . and as far as it goes . . . no one knows . . . ... Read more


Why do you ride that contraption? When they go up to the mountains, they sing, they dance, they have too much to give. They leave such things ... Read more

The Darkening

There the wild man of the darkening cried treading softly with startling care in this waning night a beast so rare retreating from the coming ... Read more

The Seed

There is a tree in a garden I am sworn to protect. Once as you walked by you dropped a seed and I saw where it fell and I broke ground around ... Read more

Two Steps

I have always been two steps after tomorrow dreaming of some new glory. Ahead of myself with desire and taking everything with me as I go never ... Read more