Getting Up

Hear distant bell go back to sleep on the surface not too deep Fight all thoughts give a deep groan Carpe diem? Painful moan Peel open eyelids ... Read more

His Grief

When I was told she was gone I was stunned into silence, but it was only a moment before I let it escape; the weeping and wailing that was dammed ... Read more

It Could Have Been Me

I was the one who noticed him first, We were strolling along, just talking; Of course we had good reason to stare, The crab like way he was ... Read more


I moved with her in her shadow, always running behind, keeping in perfect step with her mood, trying to usher her out into daylight so that I ... Read more

Slow Down the Years

I barely have time to catch my breath For the years pass by so quickly now. I hardly see changes in seasons As I used to, somehow. Spring ... Read more

The First Anniversary

He was very late home that evening but the food would come to no harm, it was just a salad, two steaks to grill. Annoyance crept into her ... Read more

The Snowball

For a long time he had opened his shirt and shown his scar, but they'd walked through it. He could taste their pity, acrid on his tongue and ... Read more