A Personal History

. . . I wanted to create a calm and soothing environment
for quiet self-reflection where others, too, might feel the love I felt within . . .

Inspiration for the Spirit is a personal website that was born during the summer of 2002.

woman resting

It had been a pivotal year for me. A bad breakup early on in February had opened old wounds and left me feeling fragile and fragmented.

I looked inward for answers. I did a lot of reading and found comfort and inspiration in the words and wisdom of others. Identifying with others helped me to better understand that I was not alone with what I was feeling. We all share the same human struggles. I came to accept my own humanity—faults and all—and, in turn, was able to forgive others for theirs. Releasing the past and looking forward, I gained a fresh perspective on who I was and what it was I honestly wanted in life.

Though I am not actively spiritual—that is, I do not study spirituality or pursue it as a lifestyle—I do embrace spiritual philosophies in my daily life. Spirituality, to me, is a state of mind . . . a peaceful coexistence with the material world that resonates from within.

One evening, I went with a friend to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speak on “The Art of Living.” It was the first time I had ever been to a “spiritual” gathering, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised to find the large conference room at the hotel quickly filling to capacity with “normal” people like me who were all there to experience the peaceful evening the newspaper ad had promised. We were not disappointed. The presentation was powerful in its simplicity and uplifting. The guided group meditation was awesome. I was so profoundly moved by the message of peace and love, I went home feeling positively renewed and inspired.

That night I decided to build a website. I wanted to create a calm and soothing environment for quiet self-reflection where others, too, might feel the love I felt within. It was my intention to fill my site with poems I had written, essays, quotes, music, and links to all the beautiful and useful websites that had helped me along the way. Thus, Inspiration for the Spirit . . . a lovely place to wander for poetry and inspiration to soothe the soul . . . was born.

Like me, this site has evolved through the years. It is softer, more gentle than the original . . . a reflection of changing technology and the woman I am.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that we all have the power within ourselves to bring about positive change in our lives. Inspiration for the Spirit stands as a testament to the positive changes I was able to make. I hope you, too, find inspiration for hope, happiness, peace, and love within.

Patricia Petro

Patricia Petro is a writer, aspiring novelist, poet, lifestyle blogger, and web designer. She dabbles in just about everything creative, works, travels, reads, writes, laughs, loves, and lives in a cozy little house on a lake in Northwest Ohio with her partner, Tom, three Schnauzer pups, and a curious cat named Bailey.

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